Are you ready for the unexpected?

Edition #20

Recently at home we had to treat a small kitchen burn. After a bit of searching, we found something stashed away in the bathroom cupboard.

It occurred to me then that we should have some form of household first aid kit that is kept up to date so we are ready if the need arises.

That brings me to our discussion today.

You know when the authorities give out messages about bush fires and being “fire“ ready as the fire comes bursting over the hill?

We should have a bag packed and a plan to leave if we have to at short notice.

So how many of us are ready for the unexpected?

If we have the bag packed we hope we never have to use it but it is ready just in case of emergency.

One item that we tend to overlook is insurance.

It is usually when an emergency occurs that we start looking at our own insurance policy. 

Many of us do not pay enough attention to our life insurance, income protection and private health insurance. In many cases, they are considered something that is an optional expense and only of value when we claim.

At the risk of sounding like a plug for the insurance industry these may be worth a look to be ready for the unexpected.

There are plenty of other items that can be considered so maybe making a list could be a good starter. 

- Peter Nelson

Valuable Asset

Edition #19

I have been observing the comments of the unemployment rate that is people out of work. It is quite distressing that many have lost their jobs during this pandemic and there is uncertainty when jobs may become available again.

To me, your employees are your most valuable asset. They produce what your business does, be it the largest manufacturer or smallest coffee shop. They produce your business income and your business future.


Some businesses may have lost valuable employees. Your employees are a business partner to your business and can greatly assist your business success.Yet they can be your greatest business worry


The pundits are telling us that the young employee will/may have multiple jobs during their lifetime

So you just have them trained and they may move on. Well this may be a fact of business and best we have plans in place to deal with this if and when it occurs.

This fact of business and should be part of your business plan as your business will always need people ,both employees and customers  Maybe what shall emerge from this current circumstance will be a new breed of employee  your new business partner. Look for them if you need them.  

- Peter Nelson

Light Reading

Edition #18

I have recently been re-reading a well-known Business Book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Steven Covey. The cover of this book (I have had it for some time), says 15 million copies sold so there is a few out there.

It takes a bit to get into, but once you start, the intrigue of what’s in it for me, tends to take over and on we read. Covey also makes the point that this is a book you may well have to re-read if you are going to take his philosophy seriously and make some changes to how you operate in life.

Without giving too much away, the habits are generally the usual like getting organised and following some planning in your life and things will go much better. It is about creating good habits and this book has enough worldwide recognition to make you take the ideas promoted somewhat seriously.

When I have attended many Business Seminars over the years, the name of this book and another book I also re-read regularly “The E-Myth” by Michael Gerber, come up.


Sounds like a good plug for these books but they have some worthwhile credentials if you are in for a bit of a read. In a time when we may have a bit more time on our hands, sit and read a Business empowering book with a coffee, of course.

- Peter Nelson


Edition #17


Recently, the bank contacted a client and advised that their annual review is due soon and if they could get an array of information to assist this review taking place. Banks are wonderful places as they provide us with loans for our business to use, operate and expand our business but there are usually a few rules of play.

An old adage, “He who has the gold makes the rules” and this is pretty true. The banking and financial services Royal Commission of 2017/2019 led to a raft of changes in how these industries operated and conducted their affairs. Over the years banking has changed. Gone are the days when the bank manager lived in the town and you knew him or her personally. The bank manager could make decisions to some degree and there was not a lot of ongoing requirements.

Now you have a “Relationship Manager” who communicates with you about your business affairs. On occasions, the “Relationship Manager” changes and you need to assist the new “Relationship Manager to learn about our business operations and needs.

If you need money, the “Relationship Manager” collects the information and submits it to “credit“ who assesses whether you can have the funds or not. You wait for “credit” to respond. We often wonder who and where this mysterious “credit“ is and what does “credit” know about your Business.

But “He who has the gold makes the rules“ and we just need to play by the rules even though we may not totally agree with them. Who knows, some of the rules may make us think more about our Business success.

- Peter Nelson


Edition #16

SP Business is watching and hearing the comments on the changing world we might expect as we emerge with the COVID-19 influences.

While there are many theories and thoughts, we don’t really know how long this will play out and/or what we will look like as we hope to return to “normal” life as we had known it.

SP Business ponders how fragile some in the business world are and how quick they face extinction in the face of a crisis. We wonder how reliant we are on day to day activity in our business and what happens when a change occurs.

This phenomenon will change the way we think about business and maybe how well we can insolate our business against the untoward event.

Whether we have sufficient capital or insurance to avoid a collapse in the face of an adverse occurrence in business will be considerations for the future.There is a good saying “we learn by our mistakes“.

This business condition is a wake-up call for all of us in business and how we must position ourselves in this ever changing business world.

Let’s coin the motto of the boy scouts “be prepared”. As we hopefully resume our work lives soon, spare a bit of time to being prepared for the next challenge.

- Peter Nelson


Edition #15


The development of COVID-19 has changed the way we carry out our daily lives.

Many have had their incomes drastically reduced and the Federal and State governments are providing billions of dollars in support.

What will the world look like post COVID-19? My short answer is who knows?

Maybe it will have made us better managers of our resources. It may get us to think more about what we have now and what we might have in the future.

We may also have a bit of time on our hands right now to put down a few thoughts on how we may handle things differently in the future. This could be called the “back-up plan”

Most importantly we need to look forward to when we are on the other side of this experience and we can get back to enjoying time with our family and friends. 

- Peter Nelson

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